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Learn the secrets of the best portable and compact composting toilets in the world!

The Cuddy

The most compact composting toilet ever.

The Cuddy packs the essential features of our larger composting toilet into a cute package no bigger than the leading chemical toilets! Perfect for your van or cuddy cabin!

The Rangr

Never has a portable composting toilet been so advanced.

Rangr is the most advanced portable composting toilet ever.  Designed with adventure and convenience in mind, it lets you explore more, more sustainably.


Compact & Stylish

Stylish composting toilets for all spaces.

Carbon Filtered

Ventilation hoses are now optional. Incorporated carbon filters as standard.

Ventillation Boost

Boosting aeration and ventilation fans to keep you and your compost happy.


Lock-tight containers prevent spills on the  roughest of journeys.


Designed to make emptying quick and easy.

Image by Vasilios Muselimis

Despite its small format, the Cuddy inludes a telescopic agitator to stir the compost pile. It also features carbon filtered ventilation to assist drying while eliminating  unwanted odours, providing complete flexibility for positioning in compact spaces.


When not in use, liquids are locked away to prevent spillages on bumpy journeys!


Cuddy: Noun - A small room or compartment, especially on a boat.


Designed specifically for small spaces, the Cuddy is the most compact composting toilet on the market but maintains all features of larger models, essential for effective composting.

The Cuddy is the environmental toilet choice for smaller campervans, boats or tinyhomes where space is a premium. 

Cuddy ™

Cuddy by the numbers:

HxWxD: 16.3 x 15.1 x 16.8in


  • Carbon Filter to remove odours

  • High capacity 2 Gallon urine bottle

  • Easy-access crank-handle

  • Separate solids bin for speedy emptying

  • Locking seat lid 

  • Robust and durable construction

  • Super cute design!

The same compact dimensions as leading chemical toilets - Make the sustainable switch today! 

Expected Retail Price: $500

Help us make it cheaper by helping us sell it through our Affiliate program!

Image by Jordan Irving

Designed to travel, wherever you go, the Rangr's robust construction and locking liquids ensure no spillages even on the bumpiest of journeys!


Rangr is the big sister to Cuddy. She packs in more luxury and features than any other portable composting toilet on the market while maintaining a compact and stylish form to rival any conventional toilet. Indeed, looking that Rangr, it's hard to believe this is a composting toilet at all. No ugly hoses, no crank handle - just sleek lines and style.

Automated electric stirring eliminates the need for a crank handle, saving space and opening up new design possibilities. Meanwhile, dual ventilation fans with carbon filter technology ensure no odour escape during use and optimal composting at all times.

Also unique to the Rangr is the ability to either manually empty liquids while on a long-term pitch, or pump them out automatically at the dumpstation - making emptying as easy as the push of a button!

Rangr ™

Hard to believe its even a composting toilet, right? 

HxWxD: 18.5 x 14.6 x 18.9in


  • Carbon filter to remove odours

  • Automated electric compost turning

  • Separate solids bin for speedy emptying

  • Integrated urine pump-out (optional)

  • Dual fans for optimal composting

  • Locking seat lid 

  • Robust and durable construction

  • The sexiest composting toilet ever!

Rangr sets a new standard for composting toilet features and design. What else would you want in your Van, Boat, TinyHome or cabin?

Expected Retail Price: $950

Help us make it cheaper by helping us sell it through our Affiliate program!


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