Cuddy coposting toilet

Composting Toilet


✅ Incredibly Compact  

✅ Easier to Use  

✅ A Reasonable Price  

"Thanks for seeking and listening to prospective customers regarding your product. It means a lot to us, and I believe it is beneficial all around. Way to go CompoCloset! The Cuddy™ is great loo!"
- Gail H.

Designed For You

Cuddy™ fits where you need it too, saving you valuable space and giving you more options.

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All the Features
You Want at a Fraction of the Price

Cuddy™ comes fully loaded without the big price tag of other composting toilets. Fitting your needs and your budget. 

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CompoCloset’s goal is to redesign portable toilets, making the greener choice more compact, easier to use, and more affordable.

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Why choose a portable composting toilet?

Better for the Environment!

  • No chemicals

  • No plastic bottles for the chemicals

  • No unnecessary water flushed away


Better for you!

  • Easier and quicker to empty

  • Fewer trips to the dump station

  • Fewer trips to refill water

Not convinced?

Take our quiz to discover which toilet is right for you. 

Let Your Creativity Flow

Why design your van around a toilet?

Cuddy™ was made for you. Its small size and innovative design allow you to dream big and plan your home on wheels exactly how you want it to be. 

Internal Van Design
Happy Holidays

Give the Gift of a Place to Go

Cuddy™ lets your loved ones Go Further and Explore More.