Cuddy ™

Critical numbers H x W x D:

16.3 x 15.1 x 16.8in

414 x 384 x 427mm

Weight 22lb

  • Separate solids bin for speedy emptying

  • Carbon Filter to remove odors

  • Internal fan

  • High capacity 1.8gal / 6.8L urine bottle

  • 4.8gal / 18.17L Solids bin

  • Easy-access front crank-handle

  • Locking Liquids bottle to prevent spills

  • Robust and durable construction

  • Super cute design!

The same compact dimensions as leading chemical toilets - Make the sustainable switch today! 

MSRP: $650

IndieGoGo backer special price: $500*

*Tax and Shipping not included

Cuddy: Noun - A small room or compartment, especially on a boat.


Designed specifically for small spaces, the Cuddy is the most compact dry toilet on the market but maintains all features of larger models, essential for effective composting to begin.

The only portable composting toilet with a removable solids bin.

The environmental toilet choice for smaller campervans, boats, or tiny homes where space is a premium. 

Despite its small format, the Cuddy includes a telescopic handle to turn the compost. It also features carbon-filtered ventilation to assist drying while eliminating unwanted odours, providing complete flexibility for positioning in compact spaces.


When not in use, liquids are locked away to prevent spillages on bumpy journeys!

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