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CUDDY™ Composting Toilet lets you Go Further & Explore More

It is the most compact portable composting toilet on the market with all the features of larger models but without the bulky size and hefty price tag. 

  • 17 week estimated lead time

    Type of Toilet: Urine Diverting Dry Toilet

    Color: White

    Materials: Polypropylene - ABS plastic - stainless steel - anodized aluminum

    Key Features: Stylish, Compact Design - Portable - Water-resistant - Agitator - internal carbon filter

    Size: Height: 16.3 in - Width: 15.1 in - Depth: 16.8 in

    Weight: 29lbs

    Power Requirements: Hardwired12v DC for internal fan - 9v battery for pee indicator LED light


  • Stylish Design

    Why should composting toilets look like a mix between R2D2 and a vacuum cleaner? Cuddy™ is not only designed to fit your space; he is a pleasure to look at.


    Cuddy™ is the same size as the leading chemical toilet. His compact size lets you store him in a variety of places. So why design your van around a toilet? Now you don't have to.


    Height: 16.3 in / 414mm

    Width: 15.1 in / 384mm

    Depth: 16.8 in / 427mm

    Removable Solids Bin

    The removable solids bin allows for quick and easy emptying. No need to take the whole unit with you? The separate bin saves you time and energy.


    Other Features: Handles on the base for easy emptying.

    Material: Polypropylene

    Capacity: 3.9gal / 14.7L


    Otherwise, it's just a bucket. Turning the contents of the solids bin helps in many ways. Mixing the solids bin helps the poo break down quicker, exposing it to oxygen and mixing around the aerobic bacteria and carbon-rich material- boosting the composting process each time.


    Material: Lightweight aluminum finished by anodizing to prevent discoloring and corrosion.

    Internal Carbon Filter

    Composting toilets don't smell, but we added an internal Carbon Filter for additional odor stoppage for every critic. A reusable design means less plastic waste and more money saved.


    Material: Polypropylene

    Filling: Carbon pellets - purchased at any pet store

    Replacement: 6 months to 1 year.

    Smart LED

    LED Light Indicator to let you know when to empty the liquids bottle. No more surprise floods and overflow. Cuddy™ lets you know when it's time to empty.


    Power: 9V battery

    Articulating Hinges

    Bespoke hinges allow you to fit Cuddy™ in a tight space and flush against a wall.

    Patent Pending Extending Agitator Handle

    The extending agitator handle allows Cuddy™ to be stored in tight-fitting places.


    Extends 66.5mm forward.


    Material: Marine-grade stainless steel and lightweight aluminum finished by anodizing to prevent discoloring and corrosion.

    Internal Fan

    Power: 12v hardwired

    Amperage: 1-1.5w


    The fan connection is at the rear, in the center under the rear handle to avoid direct water contact.


    The connector is a standard 5.5 x 2.1mm male DC power cord. This will be attached to a 4ft length of cable that can be wired into your van's power supply with a 1A fuse.


    We don't currently supply 110V->12V adapters (although we will in the future😊). However, they are available on Amazon:


    There are also extension cords if you need an extra-long cable length:




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