Frequently Asked Questions

Cuddy composting toilet

How big is the Cuddy composting toilet?

Actually, this question should be, how small is the Cuddy. Cuddy is HxWxD (Height x Width x Depth) 16.3 x 15.1 x 16.8 in or if you believe in the power of the metric system 414 x 384 x 427 mm (which we do 😎). How small is that?? Well, it’s the same size as standard portable chemical toilets. So you can easily change it out if you have one. It’s at a comfortable height. Your toilet at home is probably between 15-17 in. So there you go now you know.

In what phase of production is Cuddy?

Prototype - Pre manufacturing Our Cuddy prototype has been made! And we would be showing you all sorts of cool pictures with the prototype, but he’s stuck in customs on the Spanish border. We in the Compo Team have been wintering in southern Spain so we shipped him to us in the hope that we could play with him here. No chance. He was printed in the UK and well a little thing happened this January - Brexit 🙄 That is also the reason why Compo King has to head back to the UK. Don’t worry he will rescue Cuddy on his way back!

Where will Cuddy be made?

In the USA Once we meet our crowdfunding goal we can get the ball rolling.

When will Cuddy be available?

We plan to ship the Indiegogo orders in late September / October.

Do I need to vent Cuddy outside?

No, external venting is not necessary due to the integrated carbon filter to remove odours. If you still prefer to vent externally, a standard diameter fitting will be available.

What are the power requirements for Cuddy?

Cuddy takes 12v, and we'll be shipping with the parts for him to be hard-wired. Or you can plug it into the mains with an adapter. It would be possible to get a cigarette lighter connector as well, though.

How often/ how difficult is it to change the carbon filter?

Annually, and there's no expensive single use plastic cartridges. The filter holds 4mm activated carbon pellets you can get from pet stores or Amazon.

Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign

You keep mentioning Indiegogo, what’s the deal?

It is a crowdfunding platform, where we will be launching the Cuddy composting toilet soon! Sooner than you think!

Okay Okay, but what is a crowdfunding campaign?

We raise money for our business through a bunch of amazing backers - YOU 😎 As mentioned we are currently in the prototype phase of manufacturing. We are raising money to purchase the mold to make Cuddy and to start the process of manufacturing. The cost of this mold is estimated at $150,000. Once we meet our funding goal of $300,000 we can get the ball rolling. We should be able to deliver the first Cuddys by August. For more info head to indieGoGo!

What do I get if I back you in the crowdfunding campaign?

Once our campaign is running you can purchase a Perk that's what Indiegogo calls the incentives for backers to back. Our main Perk is the surprise surprise - Cuddy composting toilet at a special Indiegogo price of $500. We will have a limited number of Cuddys at 15% (SOLD OUT) and some at -$50 dollars meaning $450.

What happens if you don't meet your Indiegogo goal?

Well, this won't happen cause you all won't let it! We need to sell 707 Cuddys to meet our 300,000 funding goal. Nice number! 🤩 But in case we don't meet our funding goal you get your money back from Indiegogo, no worries. We got your back, we love ya’ll.

Composting Toilets

Do composting toilets smell?

No, composting toilets do not smell! They will not stink out your van, boat, tinyhome or cabin! When emptying the loo, there is no unpleasant odour, instead, the composted material looks and smells earthy - like a forest floor.

Can you pee in a composting toilet?

Yes you can pee in a composting toilet. Our composting toilets are designed to separate the pee from the poop to eliminate any nasty odours.

Do you have to empty a composting toilet?

Yes, composting toilets need emptying but much less frequently than chemical toilets. From our experience, they're much less unpleasant to empty than chemical toilets because they don't have an unpleasant smell and the solids simply resemble dirt.

Where do I empty my composting toilet?

Solids from composting toilets can be put in a biodegradable bag and disposed in a regular rubbish bin. The law permits disposal of human waste in this manner to due to the need to dispose of both baby and adult diapers. Our toilets are specially designed to make this step easy and quick. Liquids from composting toilets can be poured down a drain or onto the nearest thirsty looking bush!

When do I empty my composting toilet?

The solids section of our composting toilets typically need emptying every 2-4 weeks depending on the level of usage. You can look into the chamber to check the level and we would advise emptying when the chamber around two thirds to three quarters full.

Can I empty my composting toilet into another composting toilet?

Emptying your composting toilet into a bigger composting toilet - at a national park, say - will not do harm to the toilet as there are no chemicals. However, composting toilets are sized for the anticipated usage and will not cope in the long run if everyone were to do this. If anyone from a national park or forest is intersted - we'd love to set up a 'pay-per-dump' honety app to avoid 'stealth dumping' and let you keep track of unanticipated usage!

Can I put food scraps in my composting toilet?

No. Food scraps will attract flies and other insects.

Can I put the compost in my garden?

No. While 'composting toilets' begin the composting process and reduce the volume of waste, the material needs additional time to kill off any bacteria and parasites. Joseph Jenkins has literally written the book on ' humanure handbook' and we would encourage any readers to refer to this as a reference.