Why switch your portable toilet to a composting toilet

Image by Sigmund

They smell less

Yes, we honestly believe our composting toilets smell less than the leading chemical toilets; Including both porta-potti and cassette styles. Composting toilets especially smell less in more extreme hotter weather, when chemical toilets can give off that characteristic blue chemical smell in ther summer months. 

Image by Sahitya Kakarla

Venture further from the grid - use less water

Whether you're on a campsite or off grid you probably know how precious your water supply is. The average portable toilet holds 4 gallon of fresh water for flushing. Not only is it un environmental to flush drinking water down the toilet, it also means more carrying of this water to and from the dump station!

Image by Alana Harris

Your grandchildren will thank you - They don't require nasty chemicals

Composting toilets are better for nature and the environment. Every time you empty a chemical toilet you're pouring chemicals into the sewer system which then need to be removed. Approximately 1% of energy is spent treating sewage. It doesn't have to be this way.  

Image by Markus Spiske

Don't deal with sewage - deal with compost

By mixing together pee and poop in water you create sewage. Sewage smells and looks really bad - this is the reason you add the blue chemical to your toilet. By keeping both pee and poop separate, the poop can break down naturally into inoffensive, non-stinky humus. 

Image by Jimmy Conover

Live more - empty less

Chemical toilets need emptying every 2-4 days under moderate usage, compared with only 2-4 weeks for the solids in a composting toilet. Over this time the solids break down to inoffensive, earth-like humus. By not needing to flush 0.2Galon on average each use, waste storage is kept to just that.


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