Whaaaat I missed out on the 15% discount?! and other NEWS

Hello Compo Community!

Wooooowie! We just want to start off this newsletter with a big

THANK YOU to everyone.

Thank you all for your interest in our composting toilet.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to get these newsletters.

Thank you to everyone who is actually reading them.

And a whopping

THANK YOU to all of our early birds!

They secured their 15% discount on a Cuddy composting toilet!

Thank you for believing in us and for taking a risk to support us even before we go live on Indiegogo.

This is enormous support mentally and financially. Every dollar helps us get the word out about Cuddy.

Whaaaa wait I missed out!

Told you so. We told you that the coupons to secure 15% were super limited. Why didn't you listen to us? Wait, can I still get a discount? YES! you can still get $50 off 🥳 We've got a limited amount of 10% discounts meaning $50 USD off for pre-sell. This means you lockin your discount NOW of $50 USD. When we go live on Indiegogo we will send you a private link to your purchase! ... Indie who go? Keep reading we've got more information on what exactly Indiegogo is and how this all works. Just make sure you get your 10% discount. That's $50 USD off the already insane price of $500 for a portable composting toilet with all the features of the big bulky expensive boys that cost upwards of $1000. How do you get one we hear you ask? Just head to the website and buy one online via PayPal!

Remember Rember the 4th of April.

It's a big day. Make sure to mark your calendars cause that's when it gets super real. Ok, but what get's real? We're launching a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. Here you can check out our pre-launch page and on April 4th we go live. What is a crowdfunding campaign? We raise money for our business through a bunch of small backers - YOU 😎. We are currently in the prototype phase of manufacturing. We are raising money to purchase the mold to make Cuddy and to start the process of manufacturing. The cost of this mold is estimated at $150,000. Once we meet our funding goal of $300,000 we can get the ball rolling. We should be able to deliver the first Cuddy by August. What do you get? Once our campaign is running you can purchase a Perk that's what Indiegogo calls the incentives for backers to back. Our main Perk is the Cuddy composting toilet at a special Indiegogo price of $500. As mentioned we will have a limited number of Cuddys at 15% (SOLD OUT) and some -$50 dollars meaning $450. What happens if you don't meet your goal? Well, this won't happen you all won't let it! We need to sell 707 Cuddys to meet our 300,000 funding goal. Nice number, hihi 🤩 But in case we don't meet our funding goal you get your money backfrom Indiegogo, no worries. We got your back, we love ya'll.

Stories we love

This week we are going to share with you a couple of cool kids that we found. This Nomadic idea. We found them through their recent podcast on you guessed it composting toilets. They are two full-timers living in their 1976 Airstream. Love their blog and their podcast is highly entertaining. Check out Episode 6 "RV Composting Toilets - The Good, The Bad and The Poop" We just like to tell Nomadic Idea that Cuddy has a LED indicator letting you when the pee tank is full. So you two could forget about messing with each other's heads 😜

That's it for now!

So Compo Community, this newsletter was a little long, but we've got so much information for you guys!

In our next mail, we'll have updates, a Q&A section, and more things we love.