We Love 'Love Handles'

Updated: Aug 23

You did it!

Thank you to all our amazing backers who have shown us their love and enabled us to reach our second stretch goal of $250,000!

You challenged us to add love handles to Cuddy and now we can do it! While it sounds straightforward to add handles we had a few constraints -

  1. We didn't want to reduce Cuddy's capacity - as this would mean more emptying...

  2. We didn't want to make Cuddy any bigger - so stick-out, rattling handles...

  3. We didn't want to make Cuddy weaker - so no adding handles to the upper body...

After some head-scratching, we realized that because of the rounded bottom of the solids bin, we could fit two handly 'love-handles' into Cuddy's sides that would not stick out, rattle or reduce his capacity! amazing!

But we didn't stop there. To accommodate the new hinges we'd rounded the back of the solids bin to enable it to tilt forwards - so we added another sturdy handle here too.

But what if you just wanted to pull him forwards? With the bottle taking up space at the front of Cuddy, Richard didn't think it would be possible.

Dale to the rescue - he realized that we could add a fourth gripping point on the front between the two halves of the liquids bottle that would allow you to pull Cuddy forwards.

Good job Dale!

We'll be sharing more images of the handles in the coming weeks.

There's just 1 week left on the campaign so there's still a chance to secure a discount on the best composting toilet ever!

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