Update: Getting things done in USA and our Indie Who Go journey

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Hello Compo Community,

Time flies and it’s time for another update. Honesty the days are just flying by and I’m not really sure where they are going.

This week I spent a lot of time getting into our Indiegogo campaign. I would like to say that I am wiser for it but I’m not sure.

It's all a bit confusing. The one thing that seems to be the most important is you all. Campaigns that raise 30% of their goal in the first 2 days have a higher chance of meeting and in some case surpassing their crowdfunding goal 🤯

Whooa what?

That’s right. If you didn’t already realise it we are going to use crowdfunding to get our little Cuddy and most likely after that (obviously) successful campaign to launch the Rangr. (Tell us if you want them the other way round!)

Why Crowdfunding?

Well, we think it’s the best way to take the control away from the banks and THE MAN and to keep it in the hands of the creators and of course their community - in other words, YOU.

We think this is super important cause by crowdfunding we can concentrate on giving you a fair price. If you haven’t noticed other composting toilets with any set of features are a bit expensive. Well, we don’t know what their business model is but we want to keep our cost down so that you can get an amazing composting toilet for cheaper - like way cheaper.

Does that mean you will be using child labour?

Cause my kid needs a summer job, just sayin.


We are really working hard to secure a USA manufacture. That’s actually been Richards project this week. He’s been calling, emailing and generally annoying manufactures in the USA all week.

I must say it’s really not that easy as a startup company to get something built in the USA. I hope that changes, cause that is really upsetting. People are complaining about things getting made overseas but actually try and get in built in the USA and you are up for a bit of a struggle. That being said maybe it’s his accent, Richard’s that is. I mean he’s from England… and well, he sounds kinda funny.

Good news is we’ve found someone to help us! They are going to tweak our design so that it is hopefully easier to manufacture and finally get us a quote so that we know how much money we need to raise - Amazeballs!

Ok so here is the link to Richards blah blah of the week, good read if you want more detail about well Richard.

Sexy x 2

Last week we talked about details, details, details. Richard and our product designer Kalp were hard at work finishing up the Cuddy ✅ and then Kalp got started on the Rangr. Check out its new design 🤯

Can you see the difference?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t see it. I didn’t either, but Richard's excited about it 😜

And we’d thought we’d show you all a pic of Kalp so that if you saw him on the street you could tell him what an incredible job he is doing or if you just want to Facebook stalk him.

We do not encourage real-life stalking but a bit of online who’s who is always fun and we are totally guilty of it.

Hello Bearfoot Theory!

Tiny House Conference

Oh man we found out about this, most likely because Facebook is listening in on our conversations and we talk about toilets, vanlife and tiny homes way too much. But we got tickets for this online event and are totally stoked to be going. We are sooo excited to hear the all the Key Note Speakers. I’m especially thrilled about Zack Griffin and Elizabeth Singleton to name a few. I have so many questions! But the #1 question is did Dee Williams and Zack Griffin plan their partner look outfits for their profile pics on the event's website? I need to know!

Stories we love

One more thing before we go since we are talking about tiny homes we've seen a lot of great press recently about tiny homes being made for people in need. Their work is amazing and we all should support the movement! Read here about activist Kayla Gore, who is building tiny homes for transgender women of colour. Here about this Twin Cities non-profit that opened up Avivo Village, a tiny home shelter space. Or here about the indigenous-run tiny house community looking to provide 'protection, security' to Winnipeg's homeless. F*cking fantastic. The list could go on but this newsletter can't. If you have any great stories to share we'd love to hear them!

That's it from me for now have a great day! xo