Things Keep Getting Better

Wow - My last blog post was 5th March - what have I been doing since then? an update is long overdue!

Yes - as you may have read in the newsletter, I've been working with Kalp on integrating your feedback into the design. I think I said it before, but I'll say it again - Thanks for your awesome feedback! It is really cool to hear from potential backers on their use cases, and in one case looking at a picture of someone's head on their boat where Cuddy would need to be on a pedestal- flush against a wall. When I thought about all the steps to get Cuddy unsecured I realised there was too much space needed around him - not cool for a compact toilet.

Cuddy had to be mounted flush against a wall and still be opened. A day searching the internet for hinges and we had something that might work. So Kalp and I put in some very long days - Thanks Kalp! - changed the design to fit them and them. While we were at it we also had to change the lid so that it too could open flush against a wall.

You may have seen the previews of the mechanism as it came hot off the press - bits of toilet magically floating in the air - but we had to explain why we were changing it, and why we had to push back the launch date.

Pushing back the launch date was a risk - some of our backers had already committed cash to securing a discount. Delaying on the launch would not fill our backers with confidence - so we had to tell you, and quickly. One of the first pieces of advice I can remember in my career on a trading floor was 'If you're having a bad day - tell your boss early'. Nobody like bad news sprung upon them last minute - and everyone has a boss. You backers, are my boss.

A new design meant a new prototype (the third now!). But the further we go, the more support we receive and the more confidence I have that the campaign will be a success.

This is going to work...