The Compo King Saga, a Trilogy in 4 Parts - Part 1

Part 1.

We first meet our hero Richard once upon a time in a land far far away, but looking very similar to the UK, in a city not unlike London.

We will call him Rich, Richard or Peter as it does not matter, because soon he will shed his ordinary life and take up the people's crusade portable composting toilet!

But before then, there will be many moons and many mornings waking with the fear of beer in our hearts.

In the beginning Richard was a financial trader (boo, boo bad banker), working for the man. He made his money labouring on the market floor. However he felt something was missing and he dreamed of continuing his studies in AI - pursuing a meaningful career making machines do his bidding. Unfortunately he failed to make one to remind him to turn in his PHD application on time and missed the deadline. Another year in the City seemed guaranteed.

Having fancied a life change and to take his mind off the AI minions that aren’t yet programmed, Richard begins to dream of #vanlife and of drinking more beer…

“If I can’t go back to Uni, why not travel and see the world!”

Our future king starts to plan his trip, but then the first of several plot twists occurs:

Covid 19


Life will never be the same, for Peter and for the people, but this isn’t their story, not yet. We’ll hear more of them later.

We now see Richard and his misses enjoying a bitter sweet sort of isolation. For their city like the true London and for that matter the world, is in hard lock down. Future generations will still bear the scars from the Covid 19 pandemic, but that too is not our story to tell.

Back to Cherring Lane. Where we find our hero stuck on endless Zoom calls. Agonising for a person that has decided to make a change.

It was however quite lovely for our future king and queen to get to spend more time together. It was in this time that Richard began to weave his enchantment. Convincing his lady that #vanlife was the shi*t.

Back to business and with the fatigue of Zoom getting the better of him Rich looks for a van to call his own.

This is were our first act closes.

Richard find his four tire friend and christens him Morrison. His very own Van Morrison.