Sideburns on a toilet? Newsletter jams.

Hello Compo Community Happy Easter or whatever spring related holiday you do or do not choose to celebrate! It's been another crazy week for us in the Compo Team. Actually, as I write this I'm headed back to Austria from Southern Spain where, as of you know, the Compo team spent the winter. I'm sure many of you know this, but working on driving days is always a lot harder than you imagined when you were planning your day... Anyways, first world problems for sure. So... Updates!

We told you last week about our little timeline setback due to the amazing design improvements that YOU suggested.

So this week Rich has been working hard with Kalp to get all of those bits and bobs straightened out. Overhauling the design is a lot harder than, well, than he thought it would be. But it is totally worth it. They're done - except the computer can't keep up so it's still re-making the awesome videos...

Let me give you some details:

1. He changed the hinge system so that you didn't need so much space in the back. Actually now you don't need any space in the back. 🤯. For boaters and overlanders - you can now secure him in place and still empty him without ever needing to dismantle or move him!

2. Moved the fan ventilation from the back to the side. You can now mount it either side for more configuration options!

Yes, it has a fan, yes it does need power: 12v, but only a tiny 1w.

3. Altering the hinges also meant he had to change the shape, giving it a tapered almost sideburn look

3. He changed the infamous stirrer. It's now asymmetric so that it automatically aligns itself when you put the bin back in - cool eh!

But really, people - I never thought that so many of you would be bothered by the use of the word stirrer. Get over it 😂

4. We made the solids bin black. So... there's less light in there to see what you don't want to.

5. We finally tweaked the design of the pee-chute(r) to carry stray pee to the bottle for those Frozen-inspired 'Let-it-go' moments.

The things we think about in the toilet business!

I think Rich is going to write a blog about it but since he's so busy don't hold your breath. (He actually did and here's the link)

$450 Cuddys are running low!

Due to pushing back the launch date, we've nearly sold out of the deposits to secure a Cuddy for just $450. That's 30% off the $650 MSRP! (And less than half of the price of the market leaders) Yes, we expect to sell out any day now. And no, we're not kidding. Remember when we said we only had limited numbers at $425 and then told you they were gone? Yea - we're that serious. Reserve yours now or forever hold your Pee-ce 🤣

Things we love

Lots of van-dwellers are creatives for a living and so we wanted to share a couple of creatives that we're personally BIG fans of at CompoCloset! @tanjab.artistry is a super talented artist whose designs really capture the essence and spirit of life on the road. Tanja and Lenny (also a creative video maker!) together form the @breakawayers - head over to their website to learn about them and check out all the awesomeness pouring out of their rolling home and hook your rig up with some artistic goodness!

@twocampersandacorgi is my daily Instagram antidote. Joriën and Sandra's posts are light-hearted and make us chuckle every time! Again, creativity abounds with these two (I mean - just look at their van 😝!). Recently Sandra started @magicbeanillustrations. Even more - they also have a new YouTube channel where you can see their antics and the adorable Fudge in motion! Be sure to help them out by subscribing!

That's it for now guys!

We appreciate you joining us on this crazy journey. But then you are all adventure-loving folks.