Newsletter Update! Where in the world is Cuddy??

Hello Compo Community!

Wooooowie! Well, it would just be boring for me to start off every newsletter with a big fat thank you, but that's what I want to do!

THANK YOU to everyone. Thank you to everyone who believes in our project and thinks that Cuddy composting toilet is just the bee's knees.

We're doing well. Richard is on his way back to the UK and to rescue Cuddy.

I'm still holding down the Compo home away from home in Spain but will also be leaving soon 😢 so sad.

We want to welcome all of our new members and give you some insight into our origin story. If you want to know how 'Compo King' started his journey, you can check out part 1 of The Saga of Compo King - a trilogy in 4 parts.

Storytime is over it's time for some updates.

Where in the world is Cuddy?

Shipping - we think is pretty important. We've gotten so much international support for our Cuddy composting toilet that we wanted to be clear on where we can ship to.

Where will you ship Cuddy to?

Definitely -> USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and France.

What about ?

Going forward this is a big question. We want to make sure that Cuddy will be internationally available, but have to acknowledge our limitations. That could mean working with wholesalers and dealers in the future. Shipping one Cuddy to Australia is expensive and a hassle. Not that it's not worth it to make that one Cuddy fan in Australia happy, it totally is!! It's just that right now we aren't set up for it - we're just too small!

It's important to know our limitations as a new company. We just can't promise to get Cuddy to other countries... just yet!

We are working on an international shipping solution. Just be patient and bear with us!

Q & A

So we've been getting a lot of great questions from you all. We've compiled a list on our FAQ page. Here are a couple: How big is the Cuddy composting toilet? Actually, this question should be, how small is the Cuddy. Cuddy is HxWxD (Height x Width x Depth) 16.3 x 15.1 x 16.8 in or if you believe in the power of the metric system 414 x 384 x 427 mm How small is that?? Well, it’s the same size as standard portable chemical toilets. So you can easily change it out if you have one. And it’s at a comfortable height - roughly the same as your toilet at home!

In what phase of production is Cuddy?

Prototype - Pre manufacturing

Cuddy will officially be available for "pre-sale" on Indiegogo on April 4th. Once the campaign is over, 30 days later, we will be able to make the mold for Cuddy and go into production as fast as we can!

Yes - the prototype stage is scary but it also has cool benefits - read on!

When will Cuddy be available?

We plan to ship the first batch of Cuddys in August.

One more thing before we go!

We've had a lot of you comment and reach out to us with some amazing suggestions. One of the coolest things about a crowdfunding campaign is having input into the product! We had a great one yesterday about fixing Cuddy so that you could remove the lid instead of having it hinge backward! shout out to Christina Tangermann, Matthew Ramos, and Oscar Hart for bringing it to our attention! The cool thing is that changing the design to accommodate this is still possible! Richard started thinking some more about how to secure Cuddy on the high seas and bumpy roads. Then thought about accessing him quickly. Then was asked the same question in another format - what if I want him against a wall? These all have similar answers, but Richard is on the road back to the UK (due today!) so he couldn't do justice to the amazing questions without more time to explain. Put simply - by being the only portable composting toilet having a removable solids bin and stirrer means we can be really versatile in securing Cuddy. Which is when you know your design has legs... and a smiley face!

A last-minute note from Compo King

Hey Crew, It's really really cool to hear about your individual projects this week. If you are thinking about one of our projects but can't make it work - I love a challenge! But seriously - we love hearing about you guys! Please, please send us your pics of your vans/boats/tiny homes/cabins/dogs/cats/chinchillas (does anyone have one of those?). I have no idea how we will use them, but we love hearing about our diverse community of backers! Thanks again ❤️