I love it when a plan comes together - Go Team, GO!

Updated: Sep 7

I've been a little absent lately so haven't put many updates here... I've been hard at work with the CAD designer to perfect all the little details. Consequently the Devil 😈 (who hangs around in those pesky details) and myself have been getting acquainted.

It's been really good fun working with the designer (yes work and fun!) in a collaborative way. That excited feeling when you're problem solving together, generating ideas and don't care who gets credit for what features - as long as it's the best toilet ever at the end. (And it's looking really, really awesome).

Bic Biro Great Design at its best.
Nailed it.

One of the design features of the Rangr that had been secretly niggling away was how to lift the top section to access the pee bottle and poop bin without big unsightly hinges or clips... I knew it could be done, but I seem to do my best dreaming of toilets at night. No, really - I have been thinking about toilets in my sleep most nights. Then it popped into my head - how to be able to mount it flush against the wall, still be able to hinge it back and with no clips or hinges in sight...

I'll be sharing details of that design revelation shortly. Suffice to say for now that these are going to be some awesome toilets! ... And I need to get out more...

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