Composting Toilet lessons

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Stardate 20201111

Time Flies... A week of progress but always more to do. Solutions to two of three pain points with the design were resolved this week, one of which can be prototyped with a mod to our existing composting loo. 🤟 Another learning experience again this week, this time about controlling fruit flies with Diatomaceous earth... more experimenting. I can't find exactly how Diatomaceous earth controlls flies - if you know please send a message! I love the science behind stuff 🤓.

Why learning about fruit flies? well it was time to empty the solids bin on our existing (non CompoCloset!) loo again and a small empire of fruit flies was discovered. While attempting to clean the seat part to get rid of the flies I discovered a design flaw - that you cant dismantle it to access all areas . Also, the corners were not being effectively stirred and had become too moist. 😤😤...All more reason to get CompoCloset designed and ready to go asap! These problems with our current composting loo might make you think 'why not just get a chemi loo?' Well, as unpleasant as the flies were (not very) I didn't gag once because there isn't any smell from the compost! Unlike after 3m33s into this video! 🤣🤣🤣 On the marketing front, the Head of Marketing, Jamie, taught me about a great technique to identify both influential and actionable variables - clues for who would like our toilet (😲who wouldn't!?) and those which we can actually use (I can't be at the point of sale physically if we're selling online). As a data junkie this was right up my street... but as with all data endeavours - actually getting clean data to will be the hard part!

I always think of advertising departments as a group of sinister people trying to figure out ways to sell me something I don't need in order to line their wallet (think Mr Grinch and Gordon Gekko's love children 🦹‍♀️🦹‍♂️). In reality it's a mutually beneficial endeavour - especially when I'm trying to stop people flushing drinking water down the toilet, pouring chemicals down the drain and having to dread emptying the toilet every few days! 🤮 I hope anyone reading this in Lockdown is safe and well. Stay strong and use it as an opportunity for change! 💪💪💪 (I'm listening to David Goggins' audio book now check it out! )