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Updated: Sep 7

Stardate 20201202

A few weeks earlier I read about Bill Gates' foundation's work on sustainable sanitation. I finally found the time to read a bit more into their most promising toilet solutions - Tiger Toilets 🐅 and the Nano Membrane Toilet. One day I would hope that CompoCloset could help provide tiger toilets in National Parks and campsites for our customers. Hopefully this would help break society's taboo on the topic and close the poop-loop... 💩♻️ I also started thinking about the Nano Membrane Toilet's ability to generate power. I wasn't a fan of combustion toilets due to the energy cost. Energy surplus, however, changes things - imagine your toilet helping to charge your campervan battery! 🚽⚡🤯 This blog on composting /vermifilter vs Nano Membrane is interesting. The best solution always depends on the measuring stick being used. Il try to put a resource page together in due course to spread the word. Until then I'll keep working on our designs and learning more about the tiger 🐅 and Nano Membrane toilets (and thinking of a nano emoji... 🤔

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