Composting Toilet 101... but first socialize!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Pst 1: Stardate 20201105

Today I've finally got around to making a blog about building CompoCloset. Warning - as my first blog this is probably going to be sh1t!

For the past few weeks I've been focusing on the design - thinking about wee and poo and where urine scale might build up and how I might get poo out of the corners of a bucket more easily. Yes... all for you, our lovely future customers.

I'm very impatient and want to jump straight into getting this thing made. But, first I've had to learn about composting in general, septic tanks (how the devil do you empty them 🤮?), biodegradable plastic substitutes, 3d printing, injection moulding, blow moulding, recycling...

Then speaking with my amazing business partner, Jamie, I realised I had a vision of what I wanted, but no idea if anyone else wanted the same!

(Of course they would it's a great idea, right? I mean flushing drinking water down the toilet is super dumb, no? And you want to do do that when you're living in a van/boat/tinyhome!?).

Anyway, frustratedly I returned to the beginning and looked at #VanLife #TinyHome to see what people ACTUALLY use and who they are - no surprises that wasn't very productive because

1 - nobody is themselves on social media and

2 - even the surprisingly bountiful number of beautiful people on Instagram cant make toilets sexy. (I have an idea to challenge that 😉)

After losing a lot of time and a little of my soul to Instagram, I had an epiphany.

What it is I really want CompoCloset to do:

Make the best toilets in the world!

No, scratch that...

Make the best toilets for the world!


Bingo. (Soul restored, motivation at 💯!) Awesome! Let's do this, let's tell everyone about the journey with a blog! Yea! I'll add that section to the website - easy. What's this - 'read this before you write your first blog post' malarkey? Ok, probably should do that... 'make sure you use Google keyword planner'... 'make sure you're optimised for search engines'. (What's the emoji for being punched in the face?)

Man, this social thing is really difficult. But that's why starting CompoCloset is so much fun - It's hard and sometimes not fun. That means I'm learning, which I love. How do you tell people you love what you don't enjoy?(Whips and chains anyone? 🤐😯) Well, probably with a blog post where you chat Sh1t...