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Updated: Sep 7

Stardate 20201126.

A busy few days and the website s really taking shape with the first resource content available and even an FAQ page to help spread the good news! I'm still yet to bite into the social posting... even though the first post is drafted it took so long I cant bear to do that every other day yet.😩

In a few moments of inspiration - I came up with a few more ideas on how to make a fully portable, super compact composting toilet 🚀 and a really really effective (but SIMPLE) idea to make emptying the solids quick and easy. 💣💥 Boom.

But it hasn't all been easy - a friend gave some feedback on the new content: needs formatting, too long, more pictures to break it up. 😧 Ouch - but the truth hurts, and she's right. better get that fixed...🛠️

In other news, Marketing Brains, Jamie, is handing in her coursework for her mini-MBA! Congrats Jamie!!! 👩‍🎓

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