Booooooondocking, Verb: Boondocking but longer and with style.

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Personally, I love getting away from it all and being in nature. It's scientifically proven to be restorative for mental health. Its even better with friends and even better if you can have a little comfort while you're at it.

As humans, however, we have basic needs...and as modern humans not-so basic ones like a charged phone and internet connection. These needs make staying off grid more challenging and if you don't have them, down right miserable (gotta update your instafans, right?) Below are some of the neat little things we find helpful for extending your time off grid ... while having a good time.


Our most essential need is water. You won't last long without it - unless you're Andreas Mihavecz. While your RV will probably have a water tank, increasing your water capacity for boondocking will immediately give you an advantage - you might even afford the occasional wash! It's good to have one or two expandable water containers tucked away in your van for when you head into the outdoors. Check out these Jug Style, Accordian Style, Cube Style.

Increased your water capacity and still ran out? Check out these awesome universal Lifestraws. They protect against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, chlorine, organic chemical matter, dirt, sand, and cloudiness - oh and it improves taste. Wander over to a stream or lake, refill and drink clean safe water. Even better, Lifestraw are with good guys - every purchase provides safe drinking water to one child for one whole year! Buy two.

While we're on the subject of water there's a great new product that is so new it's not even out yet! Check out the Hamwells Loopz. It's a nifty shower that filters then recycle the water so you can have a nice long shower, safe in the knowledge you're not going to run out! Think about how good you'll look in those insta #vanlife pics after a shower! Or think of not sharing a bed with a stinky SO after a long sweaty hike!

Hamwells have been making their amazing sustainable re-cycling showers for houses for some time so they know their onions. This portable bad boy is packed with a sediment filter, microfilter and can even have a UV-C light to zap what's left. Amazeballs. The Loopz will be hitting the digital shelves soon so register your interest on the Hamwells site to find out when its being released.

When ya gotta go...

While we're on the subject of water scarcity and basic needs there's a boondocking essential that's particularly close to our... hearts. A composting toilet has to be the best way to stay off-grid in comfort. There are a few on the market but there is one that is pretty close to our hearts (shameless self-promotion).

CompoCloset will shortly be releasing the most compact composting toilet on the market - the Cuddy. This adorable little chappie is no bigger than the leading chemical toilets but massively extends your off-grid time.

Quite simply, by not flushing precious water down the toilet you have more water to drink (when your beer runs out) and don't need to find somewhere civilized to empty it every 2-3 days!

Cuddy Composting toilet for van RV Boat and tinyhome
Cuddy - a cute compartment for your poop!

Oh, and did we mention how cute and sexy they are? Yea.

WFHow: Working from Home (On Wheels)

Why only be a weekend warrior? Nobody likes getting stuck in Friday traffic to escape the city to then get stuck again in Sunday traffic on the way back. Why not leave Thursday night and work somewhere with a view for a change? Sounds great, but to get the really good view's you'll need a range-extended booster.

Check out these bad boys from weBoost the Drive Reach boosts your signal while on the move (good for work calls in the traffic) or the Connect RV lets you connect to the farthest towers when you're parked up.

Drive-Reach signal booster. best for RV Life on the Road!

Pump up the POWER!

Working on the road? 'Sorry Boss, I my laptop died' is the adult equivalent of 'the dog ate my homework'. Don't get caught out - check out this cool power setup from maxOak (affiliate link warning) packing an impressive 500Wh of juice and more orifices than a hardcore movie.

If you're really up for some get away from it all action you can add the 120W solar panels and upgrade to the seriously impressive Bluetti AC200P with 2kWh of juice to keep the party going.

Feed Me!

Being hangry sucks - for everyone around you. Keep your food fresh with a power coolbox! We particularly like the CFX range from Dometic. Tons of capacity and due to opening from the top they are more efficient than mini-fridges - the cold air stays inside. Handy. Because they're a box you can also just throw in some ice to keep it cool, and if you wanna sit outside you can take it with you, use it as a spare seat and keep them beers chilled where they're needed!

Some like it hot...

Meanwhile, if you like your food hot, then while you're outdoors there's nothing better than a campfire. We love this awesome firepit plus from Biolite. You can control the airflow circulation from your phone to control the temperature. 🤯 From your freakin' phone! And if your phone dies while you're taking a cool photo of your sizzling food - the battery pack can charge your phone too! Handy.


Chairs are so last century and let's face it, pretty chunky for your small van. How about an inflatable sofa? Well, the clever people at Chillbo Schwaggins (cool name) have what you need. You may look like a weirdo with a failed kite for a few minutes running around trying to inflate this thing, but once it, and your heart rate, are up you'll have the last laugh as you sip beer from your cooler in the back end of beyond sitting on a super comfy sofa - Ha! They've got a range of cool colors and a cammo version if you're a twitcher and want to stay incognito.

credit: @kanttiadvanture

Happy Ending

OK, so you're fed, watered, rested on your sofa, and toasted by the fire... but how to end the perfect day? How about a movie night? Sure, you could watch it on your laptop but where's the fun in that? how about using this apeman M4 mini projector - on the side of your van!?

If you have any other cool BOOOOOOOONDOCKING Products let us know in the comments below and we'll update the list!