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Updated: Sep 7

Stardate 20201124

Another Blog post and another - 'man, It's been too long. Where did the time go?' Another 2 hour crash course in marketing, targeting and positioning and more reckoning with 'why would someone buy one of these?' (If you like the smell of chemical toilets - maybe you can stick with them 😉)

But seriously, I've been looking beyond #Vanlife to caravans, boats, tinyhome - participating in the tinyhouse.com online global tiny house conference and meeting really great people looking to do something completely different.

Arguably (here troll-y troll-y 👹) all of these communities are looking for simplicity and self sufficiency. Since travelling around with my partner in our own van, @vanlifethefiction, I've realised how little I really need, and how much more living can be done with fewer commitments (aka bills).

So in the spirit of KISS and to put something to digital paper I'll leave it there.

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