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Save Time. Save Water. Save the Planet!

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Ditch your chemical toilet

for good

Why switch your portable toilet to a composting toilet?

Save the Planet

Composting toilets are better for nature and the environment. Every time you empty a chemical toilet you're pouring chemicals into the sewer system which then need  energy to be removed. 

They smell less

Yes, we honestly believe our composting toilets smell less than the leading chemical toilets; Including both porta-potti and cassette styles. Here's why.Composting toilets especially smell less in hotter weather, when chemical toilets can give off that characteristic blue chemical fragrance in the summer months and ruin your vacation!

Live more - empty less

Chemical toilets need emptying every 2-4 days under moderate usage, compared with only 2-4 weeks for the solids in a composting toilet. 

Save Water

Whether you're on a campsite or off grid you probably know how precious your water supply is. No flush means no more pointless carrying of water to and from the dump station!

You mean these things are better?

Yes, composting toilets are better!

Better for the Environment!


  • No chemicals

  • No plastic bottles for the chemicals

  • No unnecessary water flushed away


Better for you!


  • Easier and quicker to empty

  • Fewer trips to the dump station

  • Fewer trips to refill water

How do I get the best toilet

in the world?

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So why isn't everyone using them?

In a word - design

When we founded CompoCloset composting toilets were large, ugly and expensive. However, we immediately saw the benefits for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and nature so we decided to make a better, more portable composting toilet. One which didn't require large vent holes cutting and which took up less space. 


Composting toilets are less common than chemical toilets but as more people realise the environmental benefits we believe more people will start using them. By providing more compact, reasonably priced composting toilets we hope to extend their popularity further and make them the first choice for people who love being outdoors.


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Help the planet and be a part of the change for the better!

Sign up to be notified when pre-sales start on March 12th and you may get one FREE!

But I don't have space for a composting toilet!

Trust us,

you do.

Space, the final frontier...

Our revolutionary design packs all the features of larger composting toilets into a toilet the size of the leading porta-potty.  Trust us, you've got space.

OK, I'm in.

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